Disadvantages of being a street child in Iran: A systematic review

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Resource Author: Meroe Vameghi, Hassan Rafiey, Homeira Sajjadi & Arash Rashidian

In order to find related family factors and outcomes of being a street child in Iran, this study has classified and evaluated studies on this issue from a recent decade according to their strengths and weaknesses. We used a systematic review method in this study. By searching Iranian and international databases, and many universities and related organisations in Iran, and after their quality had been evaluated by a quality evaluation form, the findings of 40 studies were described and analysed.

Street children in Iran are confronted with some serious family disadvantages such as family breakdown and abuse that may, along with poverty, push them to the streets. Many children also suffer from physical and mental health problems, and are involved in delinquency and drug abuse. It seems that both mechanisms of poverty and adverse familial conditions drive children to leave their homes for the streets as a way to solve their problems.

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