Police Training on Child Rights & Child Protection: Lessons Learned and Manual

Download Published by Consortium for Street Children (2005)

Resource Author: Marie Wernham

This book is the final outcome of an 8-month project to evaluate and consolidate lessons learned in relation to police training and sensitisation in the international arena of work with street children. The aims of this book are: 1. To provide information to enable trainers to design, implement, monitor and evaluate effective and practical police training courses in relation to child rights and child protection with a view to:
a. Develop the knowledge, understanding, attitudes and skills of police officers so that every child who comes into contact with them is treated as we would want our own child to be treated;
b. Give police a better understanding of national and international laws that relate to children and how they should be applied;
c. Bridge the gap between theory and practice relevant to policing and child rights / child protection so that police are able to act in the best interests of children;
d. Enable police to distinguish between a child in need of care and protection and a child who is in conflict with the law;
e. Motivate the police to take an active part in bringing about positive changes in the lives of children in difficult circumstances.
2. To gather and disseminate ‘lessons learned’ in relation to police training on child rights and child protection from around the world.
3. To promote policy recommendations for governments and police.
4. To compile a list of resources and contacts working internationally in the field of police training on child rights and child protection.

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